Living Space

Space is more important than the size of a room. Making the most of your space is more than just the placement of furniture. It also includes colour, lighting and traffic flow. The back of a sofa facing an entryway into a room, for example, can create the same affect as a road block. By methodically placing furniture, adding the right lighting and the perfect colour, the outcome is a room that is so inviting it will be hard to walk past the door without entering it. Whether it be a media room where you sit and relax more than walk around, or a kitchen that is a buzz of activity, together we can create the perfect...

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Colour Psychology

Does a dark colour make my room look smaller? What colour will warm a room? How many colours should I use? What are the “IN” colours? How do I create a colour flow? These are only a few of the many questions I am asked as a colour consultant. Colour not only effects the feel of a room, it affects our moods and even our productivity. Blue is relaxing and calming. It can also improve focus. Red is associated with passion and energy and is known for stimulating the appetite and conversation. Together we can create the right look and feel for one room or your entire home....

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Curb Appeal

Painting the exterior of your home can definitely give you the curb appeal you long for. But there are many factors to consider when choosing your exterior colours. Did you know that if you paint vinyl siding darker than the original factory colour, that it can warp and buckle? That is because the manufacturer designs the vinyl for a specific amount of heat absorption. The darker the colour the more heat is absorbed. Keeping this in mind, I can help you not only pick the perfect exterior colour palette, but ensure the colours are correct for the substrate being...

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Your kitchen is the hub of your home and the highest abuse area. It is where families meet to chat about their day and for some phenomenon, where party guests always seem to congregate. It is also the room that can be most daunting when designing or renovating. Whether starting from scratch and with new cabinetry or modernizing existing cabinets; making a choice between granite, laminate, or butcherblock countertops; deciding between ceramic or vinyl flooring, I can help you through the...

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Flooring should not only be functional, but will also help determine the feel of a room. Depending on your choice of flooring, a room can feel intimate, spacious, cold, warm, elegant or rustic. As an example, darker flooring can create a more intimate atmosphere while lighter flooring gives a room a more spacious feel. There are many things to consider when choosing between carpet, laminate, hardwood, manufactured wood, ceramic: ​the most important being the foot traffic of the room. Heavy foot traffic will require a more durable flooring. Another consideration is allergies. Carpet can attract and hold dust so if there are allergies in your home, you may prefer to stay away from it. I am knowledgeable about the different flooring options and can help you choose not only what will look best in the room, but will meet all of your...

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Wallpaper can take an average looking room to a room with a “WOW” factor. Wallpaper can completely transform the interior of your room, and offer a vast variety of styles and colour. There is a stigma attached to wallpaper: that it is hard to hang and harder to remove. Many of today’s wallpapers are dry strippable and easily removed when that time comes. Not comfortable trying the DIY method? I can refer a professional wallpaper hanger. Too many patterns to choose from? Let me do the leg work … I will find the perfect pattern and coordinate with complimentary wall colours, calculate the quantity required and place...

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Kelly Myers

Kelly Myers

KLM Decor

Colour can affect the feel of a room more than any other aspect of the space.

As a consultant, I have enjoyed working in the colour and design industry for over 30+ years.

Whether tackling the challenge of creating a new and modern look with current furnishings and fixtures, or starting from scratch to create a personal space that you will love to come home to, I always have and still do love what I do!

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Testimonial: Kelly Uses Her Incredible Talents on all our Projects

Testimonial: Kelly Uses Her Incredible Talents on all our Projects

Kelly has always been instrumental in all of our renovations and makeovers in our home over the years.

She has an incredible talent for matching colours and creating a flow that just works — really, really well.

Kelly’s choices are based on our tastes, our personality, and that is how she’s able to create such comfortable surroundings for our home.

It’s so us!

Kim & Dave Adamson

Testimonial: Kelly is a Great Listener

Testimonial: Kelly is a Great Listener

Thank you Kelly for your professional advice, patience and encouragement. The painting is done, the carpets are laid, everything looks great.

 You rescued me when I was struggling, frustrated and overwhelmed, trying to choose coordinating paint colours for our entire house.

You are a good listener.  You tuned into what I liked and were very patient. 

I really appreciated how you encouraged me to take my time, to be sure I liked the choices and to call you if I had any questions or concerns.

Call you I did and never once did you make me feel I was imposing on you.

As far as I am concerned you get 5 out of 5 Stars.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Warmest regards,
Mary Alice McKim

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